Erectile Dysfunction: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Erectile Dysfunction or ED (As it is generally referred to) is the inability to keep a constant erection during sex. Various medical organizations around the world have observed that it is a growing issue among men and young men in particular, as previously it was common among men of the age of 40 and above, however, due to our deteriorating lifestyle and excess stress and at the same time lack of physical movement throughout the day. It has been a common issue in young men. Some men start facing Erectile Dysfunction as soon as their early twenties.

Often, like most other sexual diseases, there is a taboo when it comes to ED and men feel a sense of shame when they are not able to stay erect during sex or their inability to satisfy their partner and often turn to off-the-counter pills rather than consulting a doctor about this severe issue.

What causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Well, there could be a number of things that could be a contributing factor in it. Here are some commonly observed causes of ED.

  • – Diabetes
  • – Poor Heart condition and Blood Vessel Disease
  • – Stress
  • – Poor physical movement
  • – Porn Addiction
  • – Poor diet
  • – Excessive weight
  • – Excess Alcohol/tobacco consumption


Are you suffering from Erectile Dysfunction? Or just performance issues?

The answer is really simple. If you are facing or have faced difficulty staying erect during sex very occasionally, then you do not have Erectile Dysfunction however if you have been constantly facing this issue on a regular basis, then you should consult a doctor or Dr. Amit Mehta and communicate with your partner as well as there is no shame about it and it is more common than you know!

And well, if you have been experiencing difficulty staying erect during intercourse regularly then you should certainly pay closer attention to it.

Ask yourself a few questions.

  • – Does this happen to you only when you are tired from work or regardless?
  • – Does your mood also impact your performance or does it happen to you, no matter how much you’re relaxed?
  • – Can it also be a byproduct of having poor self-esteem and body issues?

Asking yourself these questions can not only help you understand if you actually are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction or not but also the cause of it.

Side-Effects of Allopathic Medicine:

Side-effects of Allopathic medicine for ED may cause some side effects that can be very harmful hence please consult your doctor or physician and discuss these things beforehand if you wish to go the allopathic route. Some common side effects are:

  • – Side-Effects:
  • – Headaches
  • – Body aches and pains
  • – Dizziness
  • – Vision changes
  • – Flushes

Homeopathic Cure

Homeopathy is known for its benefits and the lack of any side effects. If you wish you take the homeopathy route, you need not worry so much about any harm that could happen to your body while consuming these medicines, just as a precaution do consult your homeopathy doctor or you could consult Dr. Amit Mehta, who’s one of the best erectile dysfunction treatment doctors in Delhi.