Is Homoeopathic medicines safe for children?

Homoeopathic medicines safe for children

Homoeopathy is a holistic form of medicine that aims to treat the whole body, including its mental, physical and emotional states. It uses mostly pants, mineral-based products ingredients in diluted form to treat. Homoeopathy accelerates the natural ability of one’s body to heal itself.

Homoeopathic medications are generally considered safe for people from any age group, including children only when recommended by a certified homoeopathic professional and taken as prescribed. Homoeopathic remedies can be used to treat childhood conditions such as infantile colic, coughs, teething troubles, constipation, cold or detention problems as it is gentle and non-toxic. It can also be used for issues like bruises, scrapes or even behavioural disorders. Homoeopathy treatment can be used alongside conventional medication, especially in babies, it is very important to consult the baby’s paediatrician alongside, as they are able to monitor the child’s progress. It is shown that babies often give a rapid response to homoeopathy medications.

Choosing homoeopathy over allopathy for children is easy to deal with but most importantly, safe. Homoeopathic treats on the philosophy of treating the patient instead of the ailment. Chances of having side effects are very low or say close to zero and therefore, very rare chance of having an adverse reaction. The cherry on top is children enjoy having homoeopathy’s sweet pills, scrumptious fluids, powders and more. Kids are more receptive to it and can be easily persuaded by the sweetness of pills. Whereas, when it comes to allopathy, it becomes a major task to feed children medicines. As majorly all allopathic medicines have a bitter taste in general. In addition to pills, allopathy consists of injections, syrups, tablets and more. 

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